There is all manner of crap sitting on my desk right now – notes about my new freelance business, school picture forms, interview notes that need transcribing and a pair of yoga capris I need to return, not to mention the big box of book fair planning materials staring at me from the floor. All of this stuff needs to be done, so what have I done so far today? I went running and decided to write a blog post.

It may look like avoidance, but it was intentional. I felt scattered this morning. My mind flitted like butterflies with ADHD – “let’s go through that book fair stuff, oh go mail that package, make that form, do that research, call those people. When I feel scattered, it leads to feeling grumpy and unproductive and not actually getting much done, because I can’t focus. So, instead of running around doing partial tasks haphazardly, I decided to do some things that might help center me – running and writing. These are things that always start my day off right, and if I wait until later to do them, after I’ve finished a bunch of tasks halfway, I’ll be too tired to do them well, if at all.

So now, I’m sitting here, sweaty and typing, occasionally pausing to look around and take in all the clutter on my desk – the piles of to-do’s – none of it seeming more important or pressing than the other, and I think my best strategy here is to line it up in random order and knock it down.

If I can keep myself from “just checking in for a minute” on Facebook or email, I should be able to get some stuff done. Part of the problem is, this is mostly stuff I WANT to do – things I chose because I like doing them or they’re important. I guess having too many good things to do isn’t the worst problem to have.