How to Procrastinate in One Easy Step

Photo by Viktor Theo on Unsplash

I’ve got a light form of writer’s block today. I cannot think of one single thing to post here. I have several things in my “drafts” section that haven’t been published. I just went through them looking for hidden gems — no jewels, just old junk. And a few things that are too personal to share. Maybe someday. I caught up on other people’s blogs I follow, hoping for inspiration. They made me laugh, made me think, but didn’t make me want to write about anything in particular.

There seem to be people in the world with a lot more energy than I have, like just naturally. This isn’t a new thing; I’ve noticed it since I was a child. There are people who run marathons, people who start new businesses and charities on a regular basis, people who get up at 5am, people who work full time, volunteer and have a family all at the same time.  Some are tearing their hair out, but a few seem to thrive whilst doing all the things.

I can accept that I’m just not like that. I need rest; I need to recharge. But sometimes it’s frustrating because I’d like to do all the things. Even casting aside all the things I think I “should” do, I can’t even get to all the things I want to do. That’s part of why a day like today bothers me. I’m already not doing all the things I want to do; now I can’t even come up with 500 words for a blog post?

Full disclosure, I am also avoiding editing my book. Yes, I’ve finished it. Woohoo! Now I am knee deep in the laborious process of editing, rewriting and rearranging. It’s kind of like slogging through a swamp with the task of clearing it out to reveal the rich garden dirt underneath. It is soooo not the fun part. So much so, I’d rather write a blog post when I have nothing to say and torture us both with it.

Well, the kids will be home from school soon, so I guess I’ve procrastinated long enough to avoid editing. Thanks for your help.


4 thoughts on “How to Procrastinate in One Easy Step

  1. Awesome that you’ve written a book! That’s one step many fail to complete and you’ve done it! What is it about?

    Also I just wanted to lend some encouragement. I could wake up after 10 AM everyday and actually did so for a whole month in college. I have 3 days where I wasn’t sick or anything that are totally unaccounted for… actually they were wasted in bed telling myself it was a deserved rest. That’s my natural state. I’m a sloth in a sea of treacle.

    But I wanted a change and even though every nap feels like a coma, I wake up at 5 AM most days to run 5 miles. Yes, me. The guy who only left his bed to collect Dominos two for Tuesday. I fully believe that you can get there too.


    1. The book is literary fiction about a woman struggling to accept or opt out of the standard suburban life as she knows it. The fact that the first draft is finished is an awesome accomplishment for me. The editing is tedious, but I’ll get it done.
      For me, my natural, slower state has two angles. One, I need to stop comparing myself with other people and how fast they do life. My pace is a little slower, and that’s okay. Two, I need to not swing too far that direction and get to the point where I’m not doing anything. It’s a balancing act.
      Kudos to you for getting up and running most days. I always find that movement and being outside contribute to a balanced life. Thank you for taking the time to read my post!


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