10 Tips for Feeling Refreshed at Any Time of Day

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This article was written by Justin Bennett. When Justin contacted me about guest blogging, I was skeptical, because I’m always skeptical. But his article on feeling refreshed lines up with some of the things I do to reduce stress throughout the day. And it’s well written, which is also refreshing. So here are a few truly easy tips from Justin about how to relax here and there, just in time for the holidays:

Does your life feel hectic and overwhelming? If so, it’s time to evaluate your daily schedule and start creating opportunities to slow down and relax. 

Here are a few suggestions that can help you feel refreshed and recharged throughout the day.

Enjoy Your Morning

Start your day off right by incorporating these ideas into your morning routine

  • Create an upbeat morning playlist so that you’ll feel energized and motivated when you get out of bed.
  • Approach your typical morning cup of coffee as a soothing ritual to get centered.
  • Leave time for a few minutes of meditation before you get to work.

Take an Afternoon Break

If you tend to experience a mid-day energy slump, these tips can help you stay focused during the afternoon.

  • To shrink your to-do list, hire a freelancer to tackle administrative tasks or content creation for you.
  • If you can’t get away from your desk, do a few yoga poses to stretch out and relieve any strain in your back and shoulders.
  • Do you balance running a home-based business with watching your kids? Zenbusiness.com recommends strategies, like delegating important chores, to help you create a little more “you” time!

Relax in the Evening

Don’t go to bed feeling frazzled – instead, try these techniques to wind down in the evening.

  • Make sure you’re not staring at screens before bedtime. Follow these tactics for cutting down on your screen time.
  • Write in a journal to get any lingering stress off of your mind before you head to bed.
  • Want to treat yourself? Take a luxurious bubble bath to let go of the day.
  • Finally, sneak in a little reading time before you go to sleep and chill out with your favorite book.

When your schedule is packed, it’s not easy to find moments of calm. But you would be surprised by the small changes you can make that will lift your mood. With these tips, you’ll find that you can take on each day with plenty of energy.

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