• Highlighted freelance projects: I’ve written articles on the state of the U.S. health care system for Impact Health Labs and various blog posts for Kaalo, an industrial design company.
  • Neighbors Magazine of Four Points and Neighbors Magazine of Lakeway: I compile and copy edit the content for two, monthly community magazines. I also interview families and write articles on them for the cover story each month.
  • Riding the Wave: I write a semi-weekly blog, that focuses on emotional well-being.
  • I have published fifteen articles on the site, including Potty Training: the Naked Truth, for an Editor’s Choice Award.
  • While my children were very young, I kept an online running journal of the perils of parenthood.
  •  I assisted an IT company in new website creation and web content and performed final editorial duties. I also maintain their monthly blog.
  • Policy writing for The Corner School: While at the Texas Association of School Boards, I wrote and edited policies and web content for the onsite child care center.


I’ve picked up a few other abilities along my way, learning to be a writer full-time. I am proficient with…

  • Word Press
  • Mail Chimp
  • Google Docs & Google Drive
  • Converting almost any file into jpeg format

Work Experience

I went from being a preschool teacher to a first-grade teacher, to an engineer’s assistant and part-owner of an engineering consulting company, to a fitness coach, to a full-time writer. I have a wealth and variety of work experience from which to draw, and it all contributes to what I do now. For more, see my Linked In profile.